Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

As I made my way around the kitchen last night and this morning, preparing our Thanksgiving meal, I was reminded of myself five years ago.

Cooking was not my thing (you can read more about our first Thanksgiving here at Agriana in this blog post).  I was mortified at the idea of cooking a Thanksgiving meal back then . . . not only did I think I couldn't do it, but I wasn't interested in doing it.  My choice was my career and I put everything I had into that.  There was no room for cooking, and who needed it anyway with so many outstanding restaurants nearby?  My life without cooking was just fine, and not for a second have I ever regretted that choice.

Fast forward to today.  I move around the kitchen easily.  I made a delicious venison breakfast sausage cornbread dressing . . . with venison we processed ourselves.  I tried a corn casserole that really tasted good (although I might use a different cheese next time).  Using a pumpkin "butter" made of cream cheese and pumpkin and other good stuff, I made stuffed crescent rolls.

I did cheat by ordering the turkey and ham.  Our local school had a fund raiser and, well, I just had to support them and order those items.  Both were very good.

So I guess I was a little surprised at myself this morning.  What a difference!  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised . . . afterall, I put all my heart into home making these days, just like I did with my career back then.  I was very good at one, so being good at a second makes sense.

Now that we are all stuffed full of food and just happy to be together, I am reflecting on how happy I am.  Having the opportunity to live a different life has been very rewarding.  I loved life before Agriana.  I love life at Agriana just as much.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  My hope is that you have a moment to reflect on your life today and realize the same happiness.

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