Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An Old Dream

When I was about 13 years old, I rode the school bus everyday to and from school.  I always made sure I sat on the side of the bus that passed this particular home in Covington.  I was infatuated with this home.  It had a beautiful porch and character in the architecture.  I looked out the bus window and day dreamed about it being mine.  I would be wrapped up in a soft white robe with a mug of hot chocolate in my hand (13 year olds didn't dream about coffee, I guess), walking toward the fireplace.  Looking at the beautiful fire, I would sit on the sofa with my legs tucked under me and reach for a favorite book.  Today, I can still recall that day dream as if it were yesterday.

Here is the house in a current photo from Google Street View:

Well, time marched on.  I stopped riding the school bus when I got my driver's license.  I finished high school in Covinton and moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU.  It wasn't long after graduation that I realized I wanted to stay in Baton Rouge to live.  I started house hunting.  I was 24 years old.

I found this beautiful brick home on Government Street.  Talk about character!  From the arches to the brick to the glass door knobs, I fell in love with this house.  I had a vision of renovating it and making it mine.

After conversations with several people in my life, I realized I really didn't have the money or the time needed for this vision.  I was just starting my career and wanted to spend every moment toward that goal.  There really wasn't room in my life for this house.  I was disappointed, but I am a realist.  So I bought a modern townhome and didn't look back for at least 15 years.  I had a brief period in my life when I considered moving back to Covington.  This great home was on the same street as my first dream and it was for sale! 

(the photo is current; it wasn't a business back then)  I looked long and hard, but ultimately decided against the move.  My career came first and, to this day, I am happy with that decision.

We are settled in Saint Joseph now and this beautiful home came up for sale.  That day dream in Covington was over 35 years ago, but it came rushing back to me when I saw this place.

I told my husband, Jeff, that I really wanted it and he made it happen.  Several friends gathered around when it came time for the purchase.  I was a little weak in the knees watching Jeff handle it all, and a friend brought me a chair.  Next thing I knew, my husband bought me a house as my "project".  I feel like a princess who's prince made (yet another) dream come true.  

I honestly do not know what the future holds, but I know we will enjoy bringing this home back to it's former glory.  We will figure the rest out after that.  Stay tuned for updates and more pictures!

*doing the happy dance*


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