Friday, September 1, 2017

An Old Dream, Part 2

Our dreams die hard and we watch them erode but we cannot be denied the fire inside – Bob Seger.
When I went to work for LCS, Jeff had these words written in the upper right hand corner of the large white board in his office.  I am reminded of the words today.
Today I sold my “doll house.”  You can read about the purchase here (  It was a dream come true and my husband made it happen for me.  
The funny thing about dreams . . . just because they come true doesn’t mean they work exactly the way you thought they would work.  
After purchasing the home, I showed it off to many friends.  Everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed over each detail I showed them and we talked about how wonderful it would be restored.  Everyone was supportive and excited for me.  They called it my “Doll House” because Jeff bought it for me to play with and make it my own.  
But one friend in particular was different.  We walked up those steps, chatting about the history and the great shape of the house.  When we walked inside, before I could point out the detail of the beautiful built-in corner cabinets, she gravitated to them like they pulled her in with a magnet and exclaimed “look at these cabinets!”  From that moment on, we were like little school girls with a new toy that we were sharing.  We touched and talked about every detail from the cabinets to the floors to the walls to the door knobs to the dirt under the house.  We talked in detail about the restoration and ideas about the rooms.  When I got home that evening, I started researching some of the details we discussed – like the old sink and the owl door knocker – only to have my email pop up with a note from her that she had found more details about the same items because she also started researching when she got home.  I didn’t think anyone could love the house more than I did, but I was wrong.
Then I met her sister and she also shared our passion for the house.  We danced around the subject for over a year, but she and her sister decided her sister should buy the house.  It was a hard decision to let it go, but I know it was the right decision.  As much as I wanted to restore it and had the vision, I couldn't seem to make it happen.  
I cannot wait to see how she lovingly restores this beautiful home and makes it hers.  I am behind you 100% and excited beyond words to see my dream come true as one of your dreams.

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